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Our core business - winter sports and recreation. Since the start of our companyour main goal was to provide our clients with innovative technical solutions, which would let them go in for winter sports and recreation not only in winter but all the year round, in all seasons - winter, summer, autumn and spring. Our another important goal is to popularize to the extent possible winter sports among people, especially children. The third goal is to create new sport competitions and entertainment unifying existing winter and summer sports.
We have a wide range of businesses but the key direction is the promotion of our brand-name product - universal plastic bristle matting Snowplast 365, which substitutes natural snow. That is why we would like to offer this product to you, as a start of our commercial cooperation. Snowplast 365 is a high-quality world-class Russian modular matting for all types of skiing, tubing, snowboarding etc. This matting is manufactured by our production division of our multi-industry Holding "Snowcity" from a special high-quality plastic. The matting is module-type. Its base is a two-cell module looking like figure "8": 30 cm long, 15 cm wide, 4 cm - height of bristles. Squares of holes - 6x6 cm.
Modules have 6 wear-proof plastic elements allowing for easy assembling/disassembling. Modular basis allows to construct fast and easy a sliding surface of any configuration. It even can flow over roughnesses of the ground if they are not extremely big. Such artificial sliding surface at any moment can be easily expanded, narrowed, changed in configuration, moved to another place or stored for further use.
It can be assembled and disassembled over and over again, almost infinite number of times. Outside, at the beginning of winter when there is not a lot of snow, and at the beginning of spring when snow melts - Snowplast 365 expands the natural winter season as well as excludes any possibility to damage skis on objects hidden under the snow, like small rocks. In winter time the matting prevents snow sliding due to its bristles and cells. Out of winter season Snowplast 365 completely substitutes snow providing proper sliding. Thus, your slope or ski piste turn into all-year and all-weather ones, and there is no more need to make a long involuntary break in going for winter sports and recreation.
Please note: for proper sliding, especially when it is dry and hot, it is mandatory to apply a silicon lubricant.
During the day it should be applied to ski, snowboard, tubing or sledge surfaces. You can use any piece of foam sponge dipping it in silicon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUGfnszPLG4&feature=youtu.be
Or you can spray silicon over sliding surfaces. We recommend that you purchase this lubricant at the same time with the matting.
It is possible to spray water instead of silicon.
Recommended volume of lubricant to apply: 10 liters per every 100 sqm of the matting surface a year.


Two connected modules
The matting is very easy to assemble. If you decide to assemble it yourself, we will send you an assemblation manual.
Should you have any questions, we will provide you with additionial consultations. But please note - we can be responsible for the results of the installation only if it has been made by Snowcity specialists. In this case, out experienced professionals right on site will help your employees with the perfect installation. Active supervised installation usually takes two our specialists but sometimes it is necessary to attract more in case of big and complicated objects. Supervised installation costs 10% of the overall cost of your project, plus at the expense of the customer - tickets, meals and accommodation of our specialists on the site.
Our specialists arrive, observe the site, make the best suggestions and together with the customer make a final decision where and how the object woud be installed, finalize all necessary technical decisions.


How to order the matting and have it delivered? First, we together with you make an estimation. If you accept the estimation, you will let us know and we will send you an invoice. You make your payment and send us a payment receipt. We always have a certain amount of matting in stock, so in 1-2 days upon receipt of the payment we will ship you the order. A transportation company will deliver it to you. Snowplast 365 is delivered in slabs 1 m x 1.33 m on palletes. 1 sqm of matting weighs 4 kg. 1 sqm will take a square of 25 sqm in the truck.
Important: starting from an order of 1000 sqm you will get a 10% discount off the order amount.

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